Rise Above After Care Program

Why is after care so important?

An intervention leads to stabilization in a treatment center but the real work begins in the year following. Without constant support and communication within the sober living community the chances of success decrease significantly. Rise Above Intervention offers the tools and coaching vital to empowering those in recovery to help themselves back into a functional life. Through dedication and accountability the participants in our after care program can rest easy knowing that they are not alone. 

The following is a brief outline of the after care program offered by Rise Above Intervention. For more information, please contact us directly.

"A New Begining"

  • 6 month minimum commitment agreement
  • Setting up and monitoring random monthly drug and alcohol tests
  • Assistance in locating employment (Full time)
  • Assistance in 12 step meeting placement
  • Residential living. Located in beautiful High Point, NC
  • Structured schedule. 2 group meetings per week, daily meditation. Spirituality weekly
  • Therapist (Counseling sessions weekly)
  • Life skills coaching 


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