620 S. Elm Street

Suite 304
Greensboro, NC


When a loved one is suffering from an addiction, the inner circle of family and friends suffer most. Rise Above Intervention conducts a thorough, professional process for the individual suffering and for the people who love and support them.  

        Rise Above Intervention is committed to assisting in the world of addictions through being a 
gateway to a life of recovery.  Our founder and director, Anthony Myers, has built his practice on his foundation of recovery from a life of addiction for over three decades. Rise Above specializes in the fields of trauma treatment, drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling, sex addiction, co-dependency, toxic relationships, anorexia nervosa and bulimia.

At Rise Above Intervention, we understand that most addictions stem from past traumas and therefore have a heightened awareness of emotional trauma and its effects.  This approach allows us to identify and properly treat the root of an individuals addiction, not just the effects.

  • Intervention Facilitation
  • Addiction treatment center research & placement
  • Secure medical transport for patients
  • Customized after care programs
  • Addiction education & workshops
  • Trauma education & workshops

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