What is an intervention?


Although there are many ways to approach and intervention, Rise Above focuses on creating a loving and safe environment for each identified patient through group intervention. By working closely with family members and friends, we will assist you in finding the best way to say, "I love you and would like to you to seek help". 

       When a loved one is suffering from an addiction they are not the only one to suffer. The waves of chaos and destruction impact everyone around them and in order to heal it does indeed take a village. You owe it to yourself and the your loved one to take the first step towards healing. An intervention is a kind and loving way of promoting an addict towards seeking treatment with the help of family and friends. 

 What can I expect?

       First thing is first, pick up the phone and let us know that you are ready to find help for your loved one. We will then send you our Brief Initial Intake form and a Collateral Questionnaire. These documents are tools in addressing and identifying concerning behavior as well as giving us a brief history of the patient. 

       Next, we will set up a phone or live interview with all those willing to participate in the intervention. The purpose of this meeting is to address concerns and questions of all participants and create a "game plan" for the actual intervention. 

       Finally, before the intervention is conducted, the Rise Above Administrative staff will work closely with you to find the best treatment options for your loved one. We have worked diligently to create and maintain solid relationships with treatment centers all over the country and are constantly expanding our network. We will coordinate the intake paperwork and travel arrangements for the identified client so the transition into treatment is a smooth process. The identified client will be escorted by a trained member of the Rise Above staff directly from the intervention location to the treatment center. 

   What happens after treatment?

Treatment centers are a vital step towards stabilization but the real work begins in the years to follow. When the identified patient has completed their program, we highly recommend seeking an after care program to continue their process within the sober living community. Rise Above Intervention offers its very own after care program that is tailored to assisting the patient in returning to a stable and productive sober life. For more information on our after care program, please visit the after care page on our site or give us a call for more information. 

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